Dhopadhola #word of the day

"CHOORE" translated from my native language Dhopadhola means;  
a)  move closer  

Used in another context, it would mean  
b) Make space so someone else can have a place to sit.  

After 1year of deathly silence, #selfrediscovery and healing from the experience of life, thinking of ways to enhance on my sound (musically I mean) I got back into work with a new set of songs I felt fair to share with the people that love the stories in my music, and then my #debutalbum was born.  
While in the kitchen,  I thought about a few things like;  

1. How the music I had written from before (2016 that is) had less love songs and more crazy hehe.  

2. How the fact that most of the songs were filled with my language, which 99.9% of the people who actually turn-up at my performances do not understand.  

I then I worked a way to incorporate English, Dhopadhola, Luganda, and even had a collaboration with the beautiful Weya Viatora in the song "Natcyo Nabihinduraho" that meant we had kinyarwanda from Kigali too. This was in attempt to reach a wider audience which has been quite helpful I must say...  
I have been to performances around 2017 and nobody understood more than half what I was saying. This made the work alot more challenging in a very good way I must say, because the amount of emotion you have to go through to make someone feel what you are sing is immense, but can also be draining.  
The amount of emotion you invest into singing something in a language someone understands is equally the same, but it's been a whole new plain for me...kinda like a child in a toy store.  

3. I also thought about the fact that the person I was 2yrs ago wasn't the person I was last year, meaning I was in a different space emotionally, mentally, spiritually and a few more things in that cocktail.  
I wanted to share who I was at that moment and one of the things at that point was the fact that I understood better that I am a woman now, my body was changing...my mind was different, even the way I viewed life had totally changed...and coming from someone who lived a long while of my life a Tom boy, I finally felt comfortable in my body and that started to even project even on the outside. Hence the song, "Ndi Mukyala" which is a Luganda expression for "I am a woman" . One of my favourites off the album actually.  

This Album "CHOORE" is filled with what I recently heard someone describe as Jazzy, but Afro funk, Rumba and I personally feel, music...I don't hear sounds  
In it I feel the need to reconnect, reset and finally love again or believe in love again. And I mean all parts of myself.  

On that note, I will soon share more about the Album and how it all came together piece by piece  
For now you can get yourself a copy of this amazing set of work I put together with the help of Vincent Othieno, when we meet The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts that starts 1st August. 

Have a beautiful day

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