Apio Moro is an afro-soul singer/song-writer who inspires continuous self-discovery in her messages through her music. She has graced stages like Blankets and Wine, Fete De La Musiq (World Music Day), Bayimba Festival, and has also performed at the very intimate #SoFarKampala. In 2017, she launched her EP titled "Chuny Adech" at an independently sponsored show in Kampala and blew the town away with her story telling, blended with soulful sounds. In January, the Japadhola songstress collaborated with Multi-Grammy award winner Joss Stone during her Uganda stop of the #JossStoneTotalWorldTour on one of Apio’s songs “Pariye”. (Watch here:  Apio has gone on to perform in Kigali and Nairobi at The Music Weekender. Now rebranded and re-discovered a new self, Apio Moro launched her new album titled “CHOORE” like the show, in Kampala on the 22nd of March this year in Kampala produced, mixed and mastered by Vincent Othieno based in Washington DC. At CHOORE, Apio re-introduced herself to revellers and showed growth in her art, music and brand.

Now soon to carry on with post-album launch promotion, whose dates will be communicated soon.